Behind The Scenes: Sheri Kohl’s Role in Patterson-Schwartz’s Success

Introducing Sheri Kohl, our in-house direct mail expert and a steadfast presence at Patterson-Schwartz for two decades! From witnessing the company’s evolution amidst technological shifts to embracing the ethos of flexibility and adaptability, Sheri’s journey reflects both the resilience of the organization and her personal commitment to growth. But what truly sets Sheri apart? Join us as we sit down with her for an insightful Q&A session, where she shares her experiences, values, and the secrets to thriving in an ever-changing environment.

How long have you been at PSA? How did you grow with the company?

I provide support for all agents who want to market themselves by sending out postcards, letters, flyers, and other mailed materials. I help guide them so they can get the best results from partnering with the Business Mail Center.

I have been with Patterson-Schwartz for 20 years this March. When I first joined the team, there were five people. With the advancement of technology over those years, our department was streamlined and here I am!

I have seen Patterson-Schwartz go through many changes and I am happy that I have been here to see the company grow and thrive — even through the hard times. There is a great foundation here and it continues to hold up this real estate institution!

What keeps you here?

Since I am a shy person, I appreciate the familiarity and the people here. I can be my authentic self without fear of repercussions. I like being treated with respect and trust by my co-workers and management. Here at PSA, we all know each other on a first-name basis from the president on down. I like that a lot — it makes for a comfortable working environment.

Growth and education, while challenging at times, is something else I like about working here.

Do you have a motto that guides you?

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.”

Learning how to be flexible is one of the most important things any of us can learn. The younger you learn it, the better your life will be. Change is hard, but sometimes we cannot escape it. The ability to be flexible improves your health and mental focus.

I feel I am very flexible as my workspace has been relocated four times during my time here! LOL!

By being adaptable to change, accommodating to requests, and open-minded to new ideas, we enjoy a more positive, productive work environment and people feel valued when the work feels more meaningful.

What are your greatest strengths?

I believe that my patience and ability to listen well help me in my job. I like to see people succeed and I do my best to help them on that path when they come to me. I try to encourage and help agents along on their self-marketing journey. The Business Mail Center offers a more personal touch to agents that want to reach out to potential/past clients via tangible advertising, like holding a postcard and seeing a face.

I am the happiest at work when an agent stops by to tell me they have gotten business from a mailing!

What is your favorite room in your home?

Go ask Geri Parisi how important the kitchen is! She was my agent when I bought my home, and the kitchen was the selling point!

The kitchen has always been an important part of my life. The kitchen is the best place to gather with family and friends. It is where I learned how to cook. It is where some of the best family stories are told. Also, some of the most interesting family secrets as well.

Our kitchen is where we start every day getting coffee and waking up. On the weekends, it is the best place for all kinds of good breakfasts and wonderful smells. We chat in the kitchen every evening and talk about the days we had. The best light is in the kitchen and we enjoy working on our Kindness Rocks on the kitchen table.

Holidays are the BEST, especially Thanksgiving! There is nothing quite like the family pulling in chairs to sit and laugh and help with the food preparations. Our kitchen gets full to bursting with all the love and happiness during that week in November.

How do you like to spend a relaxing day?

I enjoy taking walks with my pup, Blu, and my wife, Deb. We also spend time working on Kindness Rocks and then hiding them around the Riverfront. I like to sit down with a good book or get my hands dirty in the garden. We enjoy working around our home and have had some fun times doing tie dye and other projects. We are sports fans at our home and get loud watching WNBA and Eagles games! I do my best to enjoy every minute and make memories whenever I can.

Ready to grow with us?

Sheri Kohl, a cornerstone of the Business Mail Center at Patterson-Schwartz for two decades, provides not only essential support but also serves as a beacon of adaptability and resilience amidst the company’s evolution. Her belief in the power of flexibility, both professionally and personally, underscores her approach to navigating inevitable change with grace. Inspired by Sheri’s journey and the inclusive culture she thrives in? Explore career opportunities with Patterson-Schwartz and be part of a team that values growth, camaraderie, and individual contributions.

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