Meet Sue Kennedy: A Pioneer In Real Estate Tech

Introducing Sue Kennedy, an integral part of the PSA family for an incredible 42 years! From her early days at the reception desk to her pivotal role in shaping PSA’s technological landscape, Sue’s career is nothing short of remarkable. Join us as we explore her passion for growth and innovation that brings the best tech solutions to our team!

How did you get started at PSA?

I started as a part-time receptionist in the Newark office in 1982 — 42 years ago this August. A couple of years later, I became the admin for the Land and Farm Division. When the advertising department needed assistance to bring their new computerized advertising system online, I was asked to help with that while continuing to work with the Land & Farm agents.

You’ve been at PSA for four decades! How has your role evolved since joining PSA?

In 1991, I helped to implement the Real Estate Hotline. I oversaw the installation of the system and set up procedures for having professional voice talent record a “talking ad” for every one of our listings. I managed that system from its introduction in 1992 until 1995 when I moved to the technology department.

I supported our in-house computerized listing management system, the physical computers in the offices, and each office’s computer/network infrastructure.  When the decision was made to take our listing system onto the “World Wide Web”, I worked on the development and implementation of our first version of PS@net. Our intranet was introduced to the agents in the fall of 1998 — 25 years ago! It has changed over the years and is still going strong!  I was also involved in the development and implementation of our public facing website as well –

I continue to oversee the ongoing development of PS@net, provide technology support for our agents, and work on vetting/implementing new technology tools for our agents. With that, no two days are the same. I have seen so many changes in the way business is conducted in real estate. From physical multi-list books updated every two weeks to instant updates for all listings online.

Tell us what you love about your job and why. What excites you about the business?

I have been given the opportunity to learn so much over the years working for PSA. I was able to grow and develop in new areas that interested me. I love the varied nature of what I do. I can be vetting new technologies, managing help-desk requests, or teaching a class on the tools/technology we have available. All on the same day!

I always feel like my input is wanted and valued.

What do you do when you’re not at the office?

I enjoy sailing on Chesapeake Bay, reading, and spending time with my husband, four girls, and three grandkids.

Ready to grow with us?

Sue Kennedy embodies the innovation and adaptability inherent in our people-centric, tech-forward culture. With over four decades of pioneering solutions, whether in professional development or technological advancements, she ensures PSA remains at the forefront of industry standards. Her unwavering commitment to continual growth sets a high bar for all. If you’re looking for a workplace where your talents are celebrated and innovation thrives, Patterson-Schwartz could be your new home. Join us in shaping the real estate market and discover the endless possibilities that await!

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Thriving in Real Estate: Why Our Successful Start Training Program Works

Are you considering a career in real estate or just starting out in the industry? With the market constantly evolving, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to thrive. At Patterson-Schwartz, we understand the challenges new agents face, which is why we’ve developed our Successful Start program to set you up for success from day one.

Since our winter 2022 session, our Successful Start agents have facilitated over 115 transactions, totaling an astounding $45,616,846 in volume. These numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness of our training and the productivity of our agents in a competitive market

But what sets our program apart? Let’s dive into the specifics.

Firstly, our instructors are not only knowledgeable but also experienced professionals who have navigated the intricacies of the real estate industry for decades. They provide invaluable insights and practical tips that you can immediately apply to your business. As Christine Menozzi from Hockessin attests, “The presenters shared a wealth of information on various topics, providing essential insights for new agents as we navigate our new roles.”

Secondly, our program goes beyond traditional classroom learning. We reinforce what you learned in pre-licensing while expanding your experience and confidence so that your clients have the most educated and prepared agent possible. Leah Sharpe from Rehoboth Beach highlights this, stating, “What sets this program apart is its hands-on approach and real-world simulations, which allowed me to gain practical experience and build confidence.”

Furthermore, our support doesn’t end with the training sessions. Our office managers, administrative teams, and PSA peers are here to provide ongoing guidance and support as you embark on your real estate journey. As Rich Navarro from Newark shares, “As a new agent, I found the Successful Start program to be a great resource and solid foundation to start my business.”

In a market where many agents are struggling, our program equips you with the tools and resources needed to stand out and succeed. As Caroline Wellford from Greenville expresses, “With the ongoing and in-depth support of the leadership team, marketing, education, technology, admin, and years of proven ‘Patterson-Schwartz professionalism,’ one can feel confident they are with a first-class company.”

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re considering real estate as a career or you’re already in the field with a few years of experience, our Successful Start program is designed to elevate your career to new heights. Join us and experience the Patterson-Schwartz difference today!

For more information about our training program and how you can get started, contact us today. Your success starts here!

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Behind The Scenes: Sheri Kohl’s Role in Patterson-Schwartz’s Success

Introducing Sheri Kohl, our in-house direct mail expert and a steadfast presence at Patterson-Schwartz for two decades! From witnessing the company’s evolution amidst technological shifts to embracing the ethos of flexibility and adaptability, Sheri’s journey reflects both the resilience of the organization and her personal commitment to growth. But what truly sets Sheri apart? Join us as we sit down with her for an insightful Q&A session, where she shares her experiences, values, and the secrets to thriving in an ever-changing environment.

How long have you been at PSA? How did you grow with the company?

I provide support for all agents who want to market themselves by sending out postcards, letters, flyers, and other mailed materials. I help guide them so they can get the best results from partnering with the Business Mail Center.

I have been with Patterson-Schwartz for 20 years this March. When I first joined the team, there were five people. With the advancement of technology over those years, our department was streamlined and here I am!

I have seen Patterson-Schwartz go through many changes and I am happy that I have been here to see the company grow and thrive — even through the hard times. There is a great foundation here and it continues to hold up this real estate institution!

What keeps you here?

Since I am a shy person, I appreciate the familiarity and the people here. I can be my authentic self without fear of repercussions. I like being treated with respect and trust by my co-workers and management. Here at PSA, we all know each other on a first-name basis from the president on down. I like that a lot — it makes for a comfortable working environment.

Growth and education, while challenging at times, is something else I like about working here.

Do you have a motto that guides you?

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape.”

Learning how to be flexible is one of the most important things any of us can learn. The younger you learn it, the better your life will be. Change is hard, but sometimes we cannot escape it. The ability to be flexible improves your health and mental focus.

I feel I am very flexible as my workspace has been relocated four times during my time here! LOL!

By being adaptable to change, accommodating to requests, and open-minded to new ideas, we enjoy a more positive, productive work environment and people feel valued when the work feels more meaningful.

What are your greatest strengths?

I believe that my patience and ability to listen well help me in my job. I like to see people succeed and I do my best to help them on that path when they come to me. I try to encourage and help agents along on their self-marketing journey. The Business Mail Center offers a more personal touch to agents that want to reach out to potential/past clients via tangible advertising, like holding a postcard and seeing a face.

I am the happiest at work when an agent stops by to tell me they have gotten business from a mailing!

What is your favorite room in your home?

Go ask Geri Parisi how important the kitchen is! She was my agent when I bought my home, and the kitchen was the selling point!

The kitchen has always been an important part of my life. The kitchen is the best place to gather with family and friends. It is where I learned how to cook. It is where some of the best family stories are told. Also, some of the most interesting family secrets as well.

Our kitchen is where we start every day getting coffee and waking up. On the weekends, it is the best place for all kinds of good breakfasts and wonderful smells. We chat in the kitchen every evening and talk about the days we had. The best light is in the kitchen and we enjoy working on our Kindness Rocks on the kitchen table.

Holidays are the BEST, especially Thanksgiving! There is nothing quite like the family pulling in chairs to sit and laugh and help with the food preparations. Our kitchen gets full to bursting with all the love and happiness during that week in November.

How do you like to spend a relaxing day?

I enjoy taking walks with my pup, Blu, and my wife, Deb. We also spend time working on Kindness Rocks and then hiding them around the Riverfront. I like to sit down with a good book or get my hands dirty in the garden. We enjoy working around our home and have had some fun times doing tie dye and other projects. We are sports fans at our home and get loud watching WNBA and Eagles games! I do my best to enjoy every minute and make memories whenever I can.

Ready to grow with us?

Sheri Kohl, a cornerstone of the Business Mail Center at Patterson-Schwartz for two decades, provides not only essential support but also serves as a beacon of adaptability and resilience amidst the company’s evolution. Her belief in the power of flexibility, both professionally and personally, underscores her approach to navigating inevitable change with grace. Inspired by Sheri’s journey and the inclusive culture she thrives in? Explore career opportunities with Patterson-Schwartz and be part of a team that values growth, camaraderie, and individual contributions.

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Terri Wamba is Right at Home at PSA

Meet Terri Wamba, Admin Manager in our Hockessin Office Sales Center. Hailing from a customer service background, Terri thrives on tending to the details of our agents’ listings and sales. Her role as an admin brings her joy, as each completed task is a testament to her dedication and a source of personal accomplishment. She’s the friendly face welcoming you to the office and working behind the scenes at every Hockessin potluck. Let’s dive deeper into her journey and experiences at PSA!

What brought you to PSA? How did you grow with the company?

In 2003, my family was transferred from sunny California for Delaware, and that’s when I joined the Patterson-Schwartz family as an agent’s assistant. To help out, I obtained my real estate license to host open houses and handle office tasks.

I loved the industry, but soon realized I was a natural at behind-the-scenes work—inputting listings, writing remarks, mailings, you name it. I was approached about helping out as a weekend receptionist which evolved into helping the Hockessin admin team in the afternoons and eventually turned into a full-time gig.

This role fits me like a glove. The regular hours, diverse tasks, and logical progression of work are right up my alley. Plus, hearing tales of the agents’ wild transactions made me value the calm rhythm of my job. It’s been a fantastic journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What were the early influences that shaped your work ethic?

My first two jobs, McDonalds and Disneyland in the 70s, were with companies who had high standards of customer service which molded my attitude toward the customer or guest experience. Now, I strive to bring the best attitude and same attention to the work I do for our Hockessin agents. 

What sets PSA apart as a company? How would you describe the culture?

I feel right at home here. It’s the perfect fit with everyone committed to providing the best home buying or selling experiences. The collaborative culture here is felt every day, with departments working together for the betterment of each other, the agents, and our clients. It adds to my enthusiasm each day! I appreciate that our company’s standard of service encourages all of us to seek a positive outcome.

What do you do when you’re not at the office?

I spend most of my free time connecting with family near and far. I’m grateful for modern technology that makes connecting easier. Whenever schedules align, my husband of 41 years and I take to the road; whether it’s to visit our parents in California or our kids and grandchildren in Maine, Maryland, or our own home sweet home, Delaware.

Ready to grow with us?

Terri’s story, from agent’s assistant to Admin Manager, is a testament to Patterson-Schwartz’s belief in nurturing talent and fostering growth. Her love for her role, commitment to exceptional customer service, and excitement about our collaborative culture truly encapsulate the spirit of PSA. If you’re captivated by her journey and aspire to be part of a team that truly values its members, we invite you to explore a career with Patterson-Schwartz. Let’s start a conversation about your future today!

Welcome to the Family: Patterson-Schwartz & Pike Creek Mortgage Join Forces

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that will enhance the way local families achieve their dream of homeownership. Patterson-Schwartz, a trusted name in the real estate industry, has partnered with Pike Creek Mortgage, the largest independent mortgage lender in Delaware, to provide unparalleled service and support to our clients.

Joe DiEmidio, Pike Creek Mortgage Vice President (center), greets the crowd at PSA Greenville.

Like-Minded Companies

Pike Creek Mortgage Services, Inc. is not just any mortgage lender; they have been fulfilling homeownership dreams for 30 years. With a strong commitment to the local community, Pike Creek Mortgage offers a wide range of loan products and down payment assistance programs tailored to your specific mortgage needs. Their dedication to open communication ensures a seamless and enjoyable mortgage experience from application to closing.

Jason Giles of Patterson-Schwartz shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “It’s amazing how like-minded our companies really are. In addition to being truly local, I’m amazed at the similarities in our culture and transparent style in which Pike Creek does business. They always put the customer first and work tirelessly to make buying a home seamless. This is a partnership that will benefit our clients for years to come.”

A Powerful Partnership

Pike Creek Mortgage is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. Joe DiEmidio, Vice President, stated, “Pike Creek Mortgage is excited to service our local real estate market in partnership with Patterson-Schwartz. Our company’s foundation, culture, and goals align with the Patterson-Schwartz brand. We understand the importance of being local, something that resonates deeply with Patterson-Schwartz. We anticipate our partnership to be beneficial to our mutual clients, not just in 2024, but for many successful years to come.”

This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to our community. Together, we will leverage our combined strengths to provide exceptional service to local homebuyers and contribute positively to the local housing market. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Pike Creek Mortgage as they become an integral part of the Patterson-Schwartz family. Let’s make homeownership dreams a reality!

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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By the Numbers: 2023 Year in Review at Patterson-Schwartz

As we reflect on 2023, we celebrate a year of tremendous growth, achievements, and milestones for our company. From welcoming new talent, celebrating anniversaries, and fostering education to better equip our agents and living our values by giving back to the community, we had an eventful year! Join us as we explore the numbers and stories that shaped 2023. 

In a grand style, we enthusiastically embraced our 72 new agents, igniting a buzz of excitement with 2,045 Likes and 874 Comments on our social media pages! Among this exceptional group, 33 experienced or returning agents made the decision to align with us, solidifying our status as the preferred destination for top talent in our marketplace.

But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the quality of our who’s here: 19 experienced agents chose to align with us, and we couldn’t be prouder!

This year’s 114 honorees counted 1,105 years of experience among them. Their dedication and commitment to PSA were met with an outpouring of support, garnering 1,348 Likes and 242 Comments on our social media pages.

PSA agents scooped up 2,421 hours of Continuing Education through PSA’s internal courses. That gets our agents even closer to renewing their licenses in 2024! 

Forty-two newly hired agents across 90% of our offices engaged 1,890 hours in new agent training. That’s 78.75 straight days! 

We’re immensely proud of our commitment to giving back. In 2023 we exemplified #PSAgivesback and #WeAreLocal through the PSA Foundation by supporting 40 different charities, and bringing our contributions to a total of almost $1.44 Million since the Foundation’s inception.

PSA agents and employees mixed and mingled all year long at our Mid-Month Mixers – a series of five fun-filled networking events across the state that brought together our PSA family and business partners along with local real estate industry professionals.

The Realty Alliance honored 82 of our agents and teams for their outstanding sales stats! They made us proud by representing all nine of our offices! 

Our own awards for excellence in sales and reputation, Top Producer and Five-Star Agent, were earned by 175 and 239 unique agents and teams, respectively. Way to go! 

Moving Forward with Gratitude

As we conclude our 2023 statistics review, we’re deeply thankful for the people behind our success. These numbers not only represent the PSA family’s unwavering dedication but also underscore the trust and collaboration that define our shared vision. Our agents bring dreams to life, guiding their clients through every step of their journey. To our valued customers and clients, you’re at the heart of this success, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations in the coming year. 

To our dedicated agents and employees, you are the driving force behind our achievements. Your passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence set us apart in our local and national markets. As we look ahead to 2024, we’re excited to build on these accomplishments and reach even greater heights together. Thank you all for being an integral part of our journey, and here’s to a year filled with endless possibilities and even brighter horizons!

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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Building a Legacy: Chris Cashman’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Introducing a real estate dynamo you’ll want to know: Chris Cashman, our Sales Manager at the Newark office. He’s no ordinary leader; he’s a seasoned pro deeply devoted to both his career and community. With roots in real estate since 1989 and a steadfast presence at Patterson-Schwartz since 1993, Chris holds real estate licenses in three states (DE, PA, & MD), showcasing his extensive regional expertise. Beyond his leadership at the local Boards of REALTORS®, Chris actively shapes the future of PSA by mentoring and supporting emerging talent. Join us as we chat with Chris and uncover why he’s an invaluable asset to PSA and a true luminary in real estate.

Why did you choose PSA?

I started my real estate career with a local competitor. During my tenure with that company, they sold to a larger, regional company. I was the top-selling agent in my office, but I wanted to be better. I looked around at the alternatives and I saw that Patterson-Schwartz agents were more productive than the agents at other companies in the market. So, five years into my career, I chose to join Patterson-Schwartz. It’s been a great decision because of our local focus, family atmosphere, and “exceeding expectations” mentality.

How long have you been with the company?  How did you grow with the company?

This December marks 30 years at Patterson-Schwartz. It’s not unusual for agents and employees to stay at Patterson-Schwartz for their entire careers. Nancy Colligan, Newark office admin, and Jack Teague, a Newark office agent and former manager, have been with the company for decades. Nancy and Jack are just two examples. It’s a testament to the company culture that people don’t want to leave.

I’m very lucky to have been chosen in 1995 to lead the Glasgow office, which has since been merged into Newark. For 28 years, I have been a member of the Leadership Team and am now a member of the Board of Directors. 

What do you love about your job?

I love to help our agents become successful. Whether group training in Successful Start or one-on-one sessions, I enjoy the interaction with the agents and seeing them get better. It is very satisfying to see an agent get better every year and prosper in the real estate business. I’m very proud to have hired and trained Dave Watlington, Angela Allen, and Amber Durand – who are all members of the PSA Leadership Team now. I love my daily interactions with all the agents and the staff. We are very lucky to have a family atmosphere at Patterson-Schwartz.

What role does community service play in your life?

My engagement in the real estate industry – serving on the Professional Standards Committee for the Cecil County Board of REALTORS® and previously for the New Castle County Board of REALTORS® – is an extension of my deep involvement in my local community. As a resident of New Castle, I served as the President of the New Castle Public Library for many years. Currently, I play an active role on the Executive Committee of the New Castle Historical Society. My dedication to community service has been recognized with the Community Service Award by the Cecil County Board of REALTORS® in 2010 and the Mel Stout Ethics Award from the New Castle County Board of REALTORS® in 2021.

How do you spend a relaxing day?

My idea of a relaxing day is sitting on Dewey Beach with my wife, Marybeth. Then a few crushes, a nice dinner, and some live music with friends makes for a perfect day.

If I’m not at the beach, I like to spend time with my two granddaughters and grandson. I love to see them having a great time and enjoying life as only a child can do.

Ready to grow with us?

Chris Cashman epitomizes the spirit of Patterson-Schwartz—a dedicated leader whose journey has enriched both our company and the communities we serve. With an impressive 30-year tenure at PSA, he embodies the unwavering loyalty and commitment that define our organization. Chris is not just a Sales Manager; he’s also a mentor, a community builder, and a driving force behind our “exceeding expectations” mentality. If you’re intrigued by how you’ll be supported beyond your expectations, we’d love to chat with you about a career with Patterson-Schwartz!

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Transform Your Rental Property Experience with Patterson-Schwartz

When you think of managing a rental, do words like ‘stress’, ‘complexity’, or ‘headache’ come to mind? At Patterson-Schwartz, we’re all about transforming your rental property experience from a burden to a breeze!

Turn Troubles into Triumphs

Property management can come with its fair share of pitfalls. From settling tenant disputes to addressing those pesky midnight maintenance requests, these tasks can leave even the most resilient landlords reaching for the aspirin. But what if we told you there’s a better way?

At Patterson-Schwartz, we’re not just property managers – we’re problem solvers. Our team of seasoned experts is always ready to jump into action to resolve conflicts, handle repairs, and make your life as a landlord easy and enjoyable.

Compliance? Consider It Done!

Rules and regulations? Yes, they can be as fun as a root canal. But they’re an essential part of managing a rental property. Whether you’re trying to navigate the complexities of local housing codes or wondering if you’re meeting all state requirements, it can be a labyrinth of legalities.

But don’t stress – we’ve got your back. Our team stays up-to-date with all the latest regulations and ensures your property is always in compliance. Think of us as your personal regulatory navigators, steering you clear of any legal icebergs!

Maintenance Madness No More

Is your phone ringing off the hook with tenant requests for repairs? Or perhaps the fear of that call interrupts your peaceful slumber?

Say goodbye to maintenance nightmares. Patterson-Schwartz leaps into action, coordinating and addressing all maintenance requests promptly and professionally. Sleep easy knowing we’ve got it handled!

A Truly Transformative Experience

Here at Patterson-Schwartz, we believe owning a rental property should be a joy, not a job. Our mission is to transform your property management experience into something you look forward to, not dread. We turn the typical trials and tribulations of property management into positive, transformative experiences.

So, whether you’re a first-time landlord or a seasoned property owner, let Patterson-Schwartz reinvent your rental property experience. We’ll help you turn the everyday hassles into extraordinary experiences. Ready for a change? Let’s make property management a breeze!

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz has helped homeowners manage their properties since 1977 and has earned a reputation for professionalism. We offer professional property management throughout Delaware and nearby communities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Landlords may choose Full-Management, Non-Management, or the Landlord Assistance Program. Whether you are considering renting out your primary residence or seeking assistance with your investment portfolio, we offer service levels to fit your needs. Reach out today to get started!

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Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate: 62 Years of Innovation and Growth

In celebration of Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate’s 62nd anniversary this month and Charlie Schwartz, II’s milestone anniversary last month, we reflect on the profound impact both have had on our company and the real estate industry.

In the world of real estate, some individuals become living legends, shaping their companies and industries with a blend of wisdom, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to doing what’s right. Among these luminaries is Charlie Schwartz, II, who has not only made a lifetime study of real estate but has also left an indelible mark on PSA. As we honor Charlie’s remarkable half-century journey and mark this significant milestone for our company, we reflect on PSA’s continued success, his personal insights, and the lessons that have defined his distinguished career.

In what ways has the company evolved since you first joined, and what do you believe has contributed to its longevity and success?

When I started, we had two offices: 913 Delaware Avenue and 1313 McKennans Church Road. I got office key number 37 so I’m figuring that was the total roster 50 years ago. The company had already grown from the original 12 agents who occupied 1013 Washington Street.

PSA has always strived to form relationships in the community and to be on the cutting-edge of technology as applied to real estate. What we thought of as cutting-edge technology back then seems rudimentary today. That is because we are constantly evolving and innovating. We are home-grown and locally owned and based, even as we number 500 or so now. Some years ago, we set ourselves on a path to serve as many markets within our sphere of influence as possible, i.e. not to be a boutique company. That is why you’ll see PSA signs everywhere in Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and the eastern shore of Maryland.

As you celebrate this milestone, what legacy or impact do you hope to leave behind in the real estate industry and within your company?

On a state and regional level, I am proud of the work that I did as NCCBOR® president back in the mid-1990s. That was the transition time from local MLS systems and associations to the regional giants that we have today. I still have some tar and feathers left on a few jackets after an unsuccessful attempt to merge the county associations into one state body, i.e. combine them with DAR®. This may yet happen, who knows. It still makes sense.

Market independence, financial prudence, and business acumen will always be in style.

It is important to understand that the residential real estate selling, leasing, property managing, etc. business in all of its forms is different from the business of running a real estate company. And from the company perspective, I have no doubt that the commitments that Joe, Chris, and I have made over the last ten years or so have built a solid foundation to insure that the transition to the next generation of PSA leadership has been successful and that the formula that our founders put in place over 40 years ago can serve the future generations as it has previous ones. Market independence, financial prudence, and business acumen will always be in style.

For my part, I thank all of my mentors, some who are still around, some who will be present tomorrow, and those who are long gone but not forgotten. I pray that in some small way I have passed along the values we cherish to the PSA family that I love.

In an ever-changing industry, how do you stay inspired and motivated to continue your work in real estate year after year?

It is precisely because the business is ever-changing that makes it so interesting. For example, the implications of the Burnett v. NAR® decision are far from settled. The lawsuit is being appealed as I write this and, regardless of that outcome, perhaps other copycat suits will follow.

I’ll just say that certainly both buyers and sellers will continue to want some form of representation in real estate transactions. Clearly those transactions are becoming more rather than less complicated so a go-it-alone approach will not be fruitful for either buyers or sellers. If one accepts that premise, then it is about how compensation for those representation services will be structured – not whether they are necessary or not that they will be worked out going forward. I have seen significant adaptation to industry/market changes in the past and we will adapt as we always have. Good and faithful service never goes out of style.

Continuing the Legacy

Charlie’s 50-year journey with Patterson-Schwartz is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the enduring power of relationships. From humble beginnings with one office and a handful of agents, we’ve grown into a regional powerhouse with a footprint that stretches across Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and Maryland’s eastern shore, while staying true to our roots.  

Our legacy of values, handed down by mentors, is a testament to the enduring spirit of PSA — a family built on cherished values and a commitment to excellence in all that we do. As we celebrate Charlie’s remarkable 50-year milestone, we’re reminded that success in real estate, like any other field, hinges on a willingness to adapt and a commitment to excellence. 

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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Unlocking the Luxury of Coastal Living: Meet Our Resort and Second Home Property Specialist Agents

In the world of coastal real estate, having the right specialist by your side can make all the difference. Enter our Resort and Second Home Specialist (RSPS) certified agents – the experts who not only understand the local nuances but also possess the skills to navigate the shifting sands of the coastal real estate market.

November is Designation Awareness Month

November, known as Designation Awareness Month, is the perfect time to highlight the exceptional expertise our agents bring to the table. And speaking of exceptional, did you know that Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, recently claimed the #4 spot on Vacasa’s list of the best places to buy a vacation home in 2023? This recognition underscores the allure of coastal living in this stunning destination!

The Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification is for REALTORS® who specialize in buying, selling, or management of properties for investment, development, retirement, or second-homes in resort, recreational, and/or vacation destinations. Our RSPS agents are well-equipped to assist you in your quest for the perfect resort or second-home!

The Value of a RSPS Certification

John Zacharias, based in our Ocean View office, attests to the significance of the RSPS certification: “NAR®’s RSPS certification is pivotal in my business. The course provides extra skills I can use to serve my clients and give them a leg up in decision-making and risk analysis when purchasing in a luxury market. Predominately selling second-homes in a resort area, an agent needs to give their clients their best knowledge in buying and selling in a different market from where they are coming from.”

Kara Brasure, stationed in our Rehoboth Beach office, adds, “I have had my RSPS certificate for several years now. I am a life-long resident of southern Delaware. I grew up in Rehoboth and enjoy working in Rehoboth. NAR® gives us monthly newsletters and marketing materials for having the RSPS certification.”

Extensive local knowledge and a commitment to ongoing education make our RSPS agents stand out. Jamie Coleman, from our Rehoboth Beach office, underscores this: “As an agent who works and lives in the Delaware beach market, I specialize in buying and selling properties for investment, retirement, and second-homes. Obtaining my RSPS certification was a natural next step in my career. It not only showcases my knowledge of our local market, but it also demonstrates my strong commitment to continuously educating myself. I believe this is necessary to best serve my clients and help them achieve their real estate goals!”

Spotlight on PSA Coastal Delaware

PSA’s coastal offices in Rehoboth Beach and Ocean View, Delaware, have grown to more than 40 REALTORS® who are proud to serve the real estate needs at the beach and surrounding communities of Sussex County, Delaware and Maryland.

Our Resort and Second Home Property Specialist agents are the ultimate guides to the luxurious coastal lifestyle. They seamlessly blend their local wisdom with top-tier education to guarantee that your real estate voyage is both effortless and enriched. When you opt for one of our RSPS agents, you’re not just choosing an agent; you’re embracing a dedicated partner deeply rooted in the region and relentlessly pursuing excellence Experience the allure of coastal living with us and let our RSPS agents guide you to your dream resort or second-home. Your dream coastal escape is just a conversation away.

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Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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