From Keyboard to Key Player: Izetta Hackett’s PSA Journey

Meet Izetta Hackett, a cornerstone of PSA’s accounting department for the past 38 years. From her beginnings as a Computer Operator in the mid-80s at our Wilmington office to her current role overseeing many crucial accounting and HR processes, Izetta’s journey reflects dedication and growth. Her steadfast commitment has not only shaped her career but has also left an enduring impact on PSA’s evolution. Join us as we explore Izetta’s experiences, her unwavering dedication to PSA, and what inspires her to continue contributing to our community and success.

How long have you been at PSA? How did you grow with the company?

I have been with the company for 38 years. I have been able to grow with the company’s accounting department and its innovative technology.

My journey began in the mid-80s at the Wilmington office at 913 Delaware Avenue. I was hired as a Computer Operator in the Data Processing Department under the Accounting Department. My responsibilities included data entry and processing across all of the company’s departments. I also operated several IBM mainframe systems and all its peripheral equipment. Technology hadn’t evolved to where it is today so we needed two computer operators and five accountants.

I briefly left PSA to seek new and exciting opportunities, as many do in their 20s, and, when that didn’t work out, I mailed my resume in response to a job ad at an unidentified PO Box that turned out to belong to Patterson-Schwartz… for the same role I’d vacated two years prior. Joe Pluscht, then CFO, was thrilled to welcome me back. I did not realize how much PSA meant to me until I returned!

Over time, I added the roles of Personnel Administrator and Accounts Payable Coordinator to my General Accounting duties, which also encompass HR (benefits/payroll), credit card processing, and on/off-boarding within the accounting system. Joining (IAPP) International Accounts Payable Professionals allows me to network with other A/P professionals from different companies and share ideas on how to streamline the A/P platform. This organization gave me the tools and knowledge to implement changes within my day-to-day operations.

What keeps you here?

My PSA family, positive company culture, growth, and development keeps me here. The company’s commitment, dedication, and loyalty to its clients is something that cannot be replaced. My supportive leadership is what keeps me at PSA.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside PSA founders: William Patterson, Sr., and Charles Schwartz, Sr. I want to give a huge “thank you” to our PSA leadership over the years: Joe Pluscht, Charlie Schwartz, and Richard Christopher. My journey has been nothing but amazing, and I will never forget the wonderful people and memories made here at PSA.

What does PSA mean to you?

When I hear PSA, I think of perseverance. During the housing market crash in 2008, PSA continued to be independent and remained strong throughout the challenges. As the #1 independent real estate company in Delaware, PSA is a symbol of strength—and that means the world to me.

Looking back over my 38 years, I am the only original member of the accounting department. I give my thanks to Joe Pluscht for giving me the opportunity to return to PSA and to see such a stellar organization grow over the decades and be part of the innovative change has brought value to my career.

What is your key to success?

Remain humble, faithful, persistent, motivated, and loyal to all. Kindness and respect are my keys to success.

Do you have a motto that you follow?

I have three, all about teamwork.

1) Teamwork makes the dream work!

2) Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

3) Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

How do you like to spend a relaxing day?

I like to relax by spending quality time with my family and friends and grand-dog, Ziggy. I also love to travel, enjoy jazz concerts, and live life to the fullest!

Izetta Hackett’s nearly four decades at PSA exemplify the essence of the PSA family: growth, community, teamwork, and resilience. From her early days as a Computer Operator to her current role managing HR, Accounts Payable, and more, Izetta’s journey has significantly shaped our company’s evolution. Her story underscores the opportunities for professional development within a supportive community that defines PSA. If you’re inspired by Izetta’s journey and interested in joining a team where commitment and innovation thrive, explore opportunities with us today. Let’s continue to build success together at PSA!

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