6 Reasons to Celebrate National Homeownership Month

Our homes are so much more than the houses we live in. For many, they’ve also become our workplaces, schools for our children, and safe harbors in which we’ve weathered the toughest moments of a global pandemic. Today, 65.6% of Americans call their homes their own, a rate that has risen to its highest point in 8 years.

June is National Homeowership Month

As National Homeownership Month gets underway this June, homeowners have every reason to celebrate. A survey by Gallup just ranked real estate as the best investment you can make for the eighth year in a row. However, unlike other investment options, the benefits of owning a home aren’t purely financial. Here are the top ways Americans are winning by owning a home.

Non-Financial Benefits:

  1. Civic Participation: Owning a home is owning a part of your neighborhood. Homeowners have a stronger connection to their neighborhoods and are more committed to volunteer work and other ways to get involved.
  2. Pride of Ownership: Owning a home is having a space that is uniquely yours. You can customize it to your personal liking and make it reflect your personality and values.
  3. A Safe Space: Owning a home gives you a sense of security and privacy – two things that have become even more valuable as we’ve tackled the challenges of the recent health crisis.
    Financial Benefits:

Financial Benefits:

  1. Forced Savings: Owning a home builds equity. Your equity grows with each payment you make toward your mortgage. This form of forced savings can be used down the road to help you accomplish your biggest financial goals.
  2. Appreciation: Owning a home is making an investment that steadily gains value, and experts project home values will continue to rise in the years to come.
  3. Stability: Owning a home means having better control over your future housing payments. Over the years, a mortgage stays relatively steady, but rent costs continue to rise.

Bottom Line

If you own your home, take time this June to celebrate the ways homeownership has added value to your life. If you hope to become a homeowner this year, connect with one of our local experts today to take the first steps toward achieving your goal. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961.

Source: Keeping Current Matters, June 2021. The information contained, and the opinions expressed, in this article are not intended to be construed as investment advice.

Patterson-Schwartz Agents & Teams are Among America’s Best

RealTrends, the Trusted Source in residential brokerage, and Tom Ferry International, a top coaching and training company, recently released the 2021 RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list.

Our 2021 Patterson-Schwartz “America’s Best” Honorees

Now in its 9th year, this list consists of the top 1.5% of more than 1.4 million licensed REALTORS® nationwide in closed transaction sides and closed volume. RealTrends America’s Best Sales Professionals grew by nearly 4,000 agents and teams between 2019 to 2020. And over 4,000 additional agents and teams met the baseline criteria of 50 closed sides or $20 million in volume. In total, over 18,000 U.S. real estate sales associates from every state are featured in America’s Best.

Patterson-Schwartz is proud of our individual agents and teams who made Delaware’s list during what has been perhaps the strangest real estate year in history. This recognition is well-deserved for these tireless, resilient, and hard-working members of the PSA family.

America’s Best – Delaware Rankings 2021

PSA Individuals by Transactions Sides (Out of 26):
PSA Individuals by Volume (Out of 20):
PSA Small Teams by Transactions Sides (Out of 21):
PSA Small Teams by Volume (Out of 12):
PSA Medium Teams by Transactions Sides (Out of 14):
PSA Medium Teams by Volume (Out of 12):

Click here to view the complete list.

About Us

Celebrating 60 years of service, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with nine offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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PSA Foundation Spotlight: Lasagna Love of Delaware

Home-cooked lasagna is considered by many to be the ultimate comfort food with its melted cheese, satisfying dose of pasta, and its ability to bring people together around a table.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Rhiannon Menn of San Diego, California, was looking to help families in her community who were struggling. She started by baking and delivering seven trays of lasagna around her neighborhood. One year later, her Lasagna Love concept is now a national movement, with over 20,000 people cooking and delivering meals in their communities.

The PSA Foundation is proud to spotlight the local chapter of Lasagna Love and its efforts to strengthen our community one tray of homemade goodness at a time.

Cooking up kindness locally

Andrea Carbaugh of the Patterson-Schwartz Newark Office is a local volunteer for Lasagna Love. She recently shared with the PSA Foundation her experience with this grassroots organization gaining ground in Delaware.

“As the saying goes, we are all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat,” says Andrea. “When I was a teacher, I saw the effects of food insecurity on young children on a daily basis. And, as a busy real estate agent working long days, I know the struggle to get dinner on the table some nights! I love to cook, so last summer, when a random Facebook ad for Lasagna Love appeared on my feed, I jumped at the opportunity.”

She has been volunteering to make lasagnas for deserving recipients ever since.

Andrea Carbaugh of the Patterson-Schwartz Newark Office became a Lasagna Love chef in summer 2020

From one neighbor to another, with love

A Lasagna Love chef’s mission is to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families and individuals, and to provide a simple act of care during times of uncertainty and stress. To Andrea, being “matched” to cook for a family in her area seemed a simple way to show kindness, especially when she felt the daily news was full of nothing but negativity.

“The recipients have all seemed genuinely touched – their gratitude coming through in thankful texts. One family was in my own neighborhood – an eye-opening and humbling experience, to say the least. You absolutely never know who may be struggling.”

Delivery through Lasagna Love is contactless, keeping everyone safe and, in some cases, preserving the dignity of the recipient. Families may apply every 30 days, with volunteers who match frequency and distance parameters.

Andrea says she keeps herself prepared and organized by setting up an assembly line and making three lasagnas at a time.

“I make one for the recipient, one for the freezer in case I get a match when I have five buyers tours, and one for our dinner that night. There is support at all levels – even ‘Chef’ Facebook pages where everyone shares tips, recipes, and even sources for ingredients on sale!”

Lasagna Love in Delaware

In Delaware, there are over 120 Lasagna Chefs who await their meal assignments every week. On average, there are close to 65 weekly meal deliveries, with that number growing all of the time.

Their services have reached everyone from struggling or grieving families and those recovering from illness to over-worked frontline workers and sleep-deprived new parents. Most recently, the Delaware chapter provided 20 lasagnas to the nurses and staff who run unit 4A of BayHealth Hospital in Dover, a unit that is solely working with Covid patients. 

Do you love to cook or know someone who would benefit from a homemade meal delivery? Click here to learn more about Lasagna Love and the many ways you can get involved. Monetary donations like the one from the PSA Foundation go towards the mission’s operations or volunteer chefs to reimburse them for their groceries.

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

Smarter Open Houses with Spacio & Patterson-Schwartz

Patterson-Schwartz is pleased to announce paperless open house registration through the Spacio app! This new, digital process provides a smarter experience for open house visitors and Patterson-Schwartz agents. Registrant information is gathered instantly and more accurately than the manual sign-in process, while automated follow-up ensures the interest in the open house never loses its momentum.

“Spacio enables agents to efficiently and seamlessly connect with potential buyers long after the doors to the open house close. Digitally collecting visitor data also eliminates paperwork and the use of QR code technology provides a touchless aspect. The experience is better, greener, and safer for all involved.”

Justin Kierstead, Director of Marketing at Patterson-Schwartz

Maximizing the open house opportunity

While the pandemic put restrictions on traditional open house activity in 2020, the local real estate market is experiencing a return to interest in in-person tours of homes in 2021. According to the National Association of REALTORS, open houses continue to be a frequently used source in the home search process among buyers.

The partnership with Spacio allows Patterson-Schwartz agents to make the most of the open house opportunity. The app is easily accessible via web and mobile devices and integrates with many agents’ lead capture and follow-up tools.

The app’s top features also make it a great piece of technology for today’s fast-paced and safety-minded market.

Each open house event generates its unique URL or QR code, which, when shared with visitors, allows for touchless sign-in on individual devices. These URLs and QR codes can also be shared in advance and save time through pre-registration. And as soon as the open house closes, registrants receive automated follow-up information and can connect with the agent at the click of a button.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this app to our agents,” says Patterson-Schwartz Senior Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Strategist, and Greenville Sales Manager, Donna Greenspan. “Open houses have long been a mainstay to real estate sales, and we love introducing new technology into the experience without sacrificing the personal touch.”

About Us

Celebrating 60 years of service, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with nine offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

Patterson-Schwartz Opens New Middletown Office

Located in one of the fastest-growing communities in Delaware, the Patterson-Schwartz Middletown sales center is proud to announce it has relocated to 4417 Summit Bridge Road. The brand new 4,500 square foot office building by DSM construction features private parking, state-of-the-art conference areas, and expanded workspace for Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate and Fairway Independent Mortgage Company.

Welcome to 4417 Summit Bridge Road

The new building is just around the corner from the office’s previous strip mall location. Opened in February 2001, the early sales office served the many new construction neighborhoods that started to replace the area’s vast farmland. In the subsequent years, residential, commercial, and industrial development has boomed, along with the population.

Middletown is flourishing with new schools, new businesses, new jobs, and new housing opportunities. We are thrilled to be growing along with the community,” says Dave Watlington, Patterson-Schwartz Middletown Sales Manager. “We love having this amazing modern space for our agents to call home.”

Strong & Growing 

Relocating during a pandemic had its challenges but the Patterson-Schwartz Middletown family of agents remained connected and strong.

To keep in touch with his team, Dave conducted meetings, round-tables, and education sessions over Zoom or chatted with the sales team via WhatsApp. Gifts celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary were distributed at a drive-up, mask-up event at the beginning of the year.

The Middletown sales center also welcomed many new agents over the last several months. There are currently more than 50 agents on the roster, 15 of whom joined the sales team in the first half of 2020. In addition to coaching from Dave, the new agents participated in an interactive, live-stream Successful Start program via zoom.

“Aside from it being beautiful & the perfect environment for incoming clients, our new office provides the agents with a lot more space for work, meetings, etc. As a Delaware brand, I see our new building as just another way Patterson-Schwartz shows care for the consumers & their convenience, as well as for the agents and the local community. I truly appreciate all the support and resources PSA provides.”

Rhonda Smith, Patterson-Schwartz Middletown Sales Associate

Lighting the Way

The Patterson-Schwartz Middletown sales center invites the public to visit our new home or to reach out to our agents via phone call, text, chat, or email. The new blue building and bright Patterson-Schwartz signs are there to light the way to expert local real estate guidance.

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New Patterson-Schwartz Lawn Signs Hit the Marketplace

Patterson-Schwartz is excited to announce the launch of our new lawn sign in the marketplace! The update features a modern, clean design while maintaining the traditional icon of our brand — the lantern.

2021 Patterson-Schwartz lawn sign rendering

Lighting the Way since 1961

As Delaware’s leading locally owned and operated real estate company for over 60 years, we take great pride in our brand and presence in the community. From our early office in Wilmington to our brand-new building in Middletown, we carried a version of our iconic lantern with us.

Did you know the carriage lanterns that hung outside of our former Delaware Avenue office directly inspired the iconic logo established in the late 1970s? They were refurbished and reinstalled outside of our current Newark sales center. This consistency in our brand shows that as much as we have grown, we remain true to our roots. Our lantern has always symbolized a warm glow of welcome and light to offer guidance.

When it comes to selling your home, our lawn signs in your yard are an extension of our commitment to provide superior guidance through the real estate process. And at Patterson-Schwartz, it’s the people connected to our company, especially the sales associates, who make the lantern on our brand shine by fulfilling that promise.

A Sign for the Times

During the last year, we saw many changes to our industry and our agents proved that they could pivot their business without sacrificing their commitment to customer service excellence. They learned new technology, used new tools, found new ways to connect, and forged ahead during uncertain times with care for the consumer. 

A refresh to our lawn sign is just one way we invite you to experience what is new at Patterson-Schwartz and to get to know our brand and the sales associates lighting the way with the best tools, best resources, and the best expertise for the days ahead.

Long-time partner and local sign printer, PopDot Signs and Graphics, is busy bringing our vision to life, and we cannot wait for you to see us in a brand-new light.

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with nine offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

PSA Foundation Spotlight: Renee’s Rescues

Our latest PSA Foundation spotlight is for the dogs! Renee’s Rescues is a local non-profit dog rescue specializing in the rescue and care of dogs and puppies saved from puppy mills.

Although based in Delaware, Renee’s Rescues supports rescue efforts across several states and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in particular. Their short-term goal is rescuing and safely adopting out puppy mill dogs and puppies to the loving homes they deserve. Long term, Renee’s Rescues works to stop the practice of puppy mill breeding by supporting local legislation and rescue efforts that increase awareness, provide stricter laws on breeding dogs, and advocate for animal safety and welfare. As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, 100% of every donation goes directly to saving and caring for their dogs.

Dan Logan of the Patterson-Schwartz Hockessin sales office is a dog lover and long-time supporter of Renee’s Rescues. Over the years, he, his team of agents with the Dan Logan Group, and his golden retriever Isabelle have spread awareness, raised funds, and collected supplies for the local rescue through in-person events and Facebook campaigns.  

Isabelle & Dan Logan of Patterson-Schwartz Hockessin

“My grown children each have two rescue dogs each from dogs from Renee’s,” says Dan. “I truly believe dogs are the perfect companions… Their loyalty and unconditional love can help owners through stressful times. The families that adopt from Renee’s receive something really special in return for helping these dogs overcome some tough situations of their own.”

A homeowner’s best friend

Dan is well-tuned into the special relationship between dogs and people. His golden retriever, Isabelle, passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test at 13 months and earned her AKC Community Canine designation at 2½-years-old. As a trained companion, Isabelle has gone everywhere with Dan over the last 8½ years. Pre-pandemic, they visited nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. They were also regulars at local community events, attended doggie daycare and swimming lessons, and even met some celebrities in their travels. They have never been apart overnight since she was a puppy.

These days public appearances are few, and community events are on hold. However, much to the delight of Dan’s clients, Dan and Isabelle are continuing to spread cheer by attending listing appointments, walk-throughs, and settlements together. Efforts to give back to the community also remain a priority for the Dan Logan Group despite the challenges. Along with a one-time monetary contribution from the PSA Foundation, Dan donates a percentage of his sales to Renee’s Rescues.

“Buying or selling a home is an important life event. Isabelle’s presence has a way of making the experience more pleasant, memorable, and far less stressful,” says Dan. “If we can help to make a difference in a rescue dog’s life at the same time, our service becomes a lot more meaningful than a business transaction.”

Now more than ever, non-profits need our support. To learn more about Renee’s Rescues, how you can lend your support, or how to become a much-needed foster home for a rescue dog, please visit their website. Follow Isabelle’s adventures at the Dan Logan Group Facebook page.

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

PSA is among the nation’s Top 1,000 Power Brokers for 2021

RISMedia recently released the full Top 1,000 Power Broker Report for 2021. Now in its 33rd year, the report is real estate’s longest-running ranking of the industry’s most successful brokerages by sales volume and transactions.

This year’s rankings reflect the industry’s unwavering attitude to persevere and tackle challenges head-on, even amid uncertainty. As we sifted through the impact the of 2020 coronavirus pandemic here at home, Patterson-Schwartz focused on new ways to do business and remained steadfast in helping our clients buy and sell real estate.

According to the 2021 report, Patterson-Schwartz ranked #224 by volume with $1.4B+ sales in 2020, up 15.7% from 2019. By transactions, Patterson-Schwartz ranked #193 with 4,345 transactions in 2020, up 4.5% from 2019. Patterson-Schwartz appeared in the top 25% nationally for both categories. As a locally owned and operated brokerage listed among national brands, we are incredibly proud of the PSA family’s resilience, hard work, growth, and achievements that made our Power Broker status possible.

Click here to view the full report.

Locally Grown, Nationally Recognized

Headquartered in the town of Hockessin, Delaware, Patterson-Schwartz has been lighting the way home for 60 years. We are Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with nine offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services including residential home sales, purchase and rental; relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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Get to know Juli Giles: PSA Team member Q&A

Meet Juli Giles, our Director of Career Development and Recruiting and the face of education at PSA! From running our continuing education and our new agent training programs to hosting several monthly Zoom sessions for agents across the company, Juli’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s on our agents’ minds and what’s going on in our local market. We sat down with Juli to learn a little more about her, what she does at Patterson-Schwartz, and what fuels her boundless energy.

Juli Giles, Director of Career Development and Recruiting at Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate

You must have a favorite topic to facilitate! Can you tell us what you love to teach?

That’s a hard one because I just enjoy connecting with people! But, if I had to choose, I’d say any topic that has to do with building your real estate business and sharpening your skills as a real estate agent. 

 What are 3-4 words that describe your teaching style?

FUN, energizing, motivational, “do it with passion”. Okay, that’s more than three words!

Can you explain the difference between a trainer and a coach?

When I worked in banking, my mentor had a picture on his wall that read, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Training and coaching are a lot like that. As a trainer, I can develop and teach a new technique, skill, policy, or procedure. As a coach, I want to connect what I’m teaching to their purpose and their “why”!  Over the years I’ve seen trainers just want to get through the class. As a coach, and especially in real estate, I want to affect the time I’m NOT in a class so they can build a business and a life worth living.  

When you’re not working, what are you doing?

Well, most people know my happy place on the beach with my family. I’m so blessed to have two wonderful daughters and a fantastic husband who is my biggest cheerleader! You can also catch me in a Zumba class a few days a week. I just love getting lost in the music!

Ready to grow with us?

As you can tell, Juli has a passion for life and helping others achieve success through learning. If you’re just as passionate about your real estate career, she’d love to chat! You can reach Juli at 302-234-6099, JuGiles@psre.com, or by clicking the button below.

Juli has been a REALTOR® since 2004. Throughout her career, Juli has developed an extremely successful marketing plan and action guides for buyers and sellers in all market conditions. She is also deeply rooted in training and education from her days in the banking industry where she tackled many roles during her 15 years in a training and recruiting capacity. Her professional style combined with her integrity and knowledge of the real estate business allows new and seasoned agents to learn first-hand from a “true professional”.

PSA Foundation Spotlight: MOWDE Celebrity Chefs’ Celebration

Dishes featuring double smoked-bacon chowder, spiced molten milk chocolate cake, and shrimp and grits with white wine butter sauce are designed to make your mouth water. But delicious culinary creations are not the only thing on the menu at the 2021 Celebrity Chefs’ Celebration event. This annual Meals on Wheels Delaware fundraiser serves up support for area seniors in need and is our PSA Foundation spotlight for April.

MOWDE is a non-profit organization that supports the delivery of nutritious meals to homebound seniors, age 60 and above, who may be battling hunger, isolation, or loss of independence. By raising awareness and funds, MOWDE helps the various statewide meal delivery programs coordinate the charitable contributions that aid in their mission.

A history of support

From a guest bartender event to a homemade soup cook-off, PSA has supported the Meals on Wheels effort through many fundraising events over the years. Several members of the PSA family also volunteer their time to the meal delivery programs. Patterson-Schwartz is a proud returning sponsor of the Celebrity Chef event for 2021.

Mike Clement, a member of The Crifasi Group of the PSA Greenville Sales Office, has served as Board Chair for MOWDE since 2019. He also has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2013 and as a Celebrity Chefs Brunch silent auction committee co-chair since 2005.   

“So much can be gained from being a part of an organization like ours,” says Mike. “There is a sense of community and belonging to a network of like-minded individuals you can call friends. The best part of the experience is meeting our clients, the deserving homebound seniors across Delaware, who are so appreciative of the personal touch our home delivery programs provide.”

Now, more than ever, your contribution counts

Meals on Wheels Delaware supports five meal programs throughout the state. As a result of the pandemic, they have seen the number of homebound seniors using their services increase more than 26%. In 2020, they reported the delivery of over 877,000 meals to 6,285 local seniors. 

Like many recent fundraising events, the 2021 Celebrity Chefs’ Celebration has gotten creative with its format. The event taking place April 19 through 25 will continue to showcase local chefs, wine and spirit producers, culinary personalities, and of course, the fantastic food, but in a hybrid experience. Guests and sponsors have a choice of dine-in and take-out options, with a virtual component that features interaction with the participating chefs, entertainment, and an online silent auction. To learn more about MOWDE, this year’s event, and how you can participate, please click here.  

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow 

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.