Beyond Sales: How Juan Fuentes, Jr., Found Purpose at PSA

Meet Juan Fuentes, Jr., an unstoppable force at PSA. Since launching his career in 2015 from the buzzing Greenville office, Juan has blazed his own trail, swiftly pivoting from sales to leadership. Bolstered by an arsenal of over a decade’s managerial experience, he’s not just leading; he’s redefining support, constantly staying a beat ahead of market trends. You can often find him showing new agents the ropes in our Successful Start program, serving up hot topics at office round table discussions, and greeting attendees at the door of our latest Mid-Month Mixer event. Explore Juan’s exhilarating journey at PSA, unravel the principles that fuel his momentum, and get a front-row seat to the spirited, family-centric culture he fervently champions.

How long have you been at PSA? How did you grow with the company?

I joined PSA in March of 2015 as a full-time salesperson. I am “born and raised” in the Greenville office and have really enjoyed my time here. After about two and a half years of building my business as an independent agent, an opportunity to join the leadership team presented itself. Having over 13 years of managerial experience from my previous career helped to make that an easy decision. Being able to support agents in the same way that I had been supported just made so much sense to me. I’ve continued to work in sales while a manager, which helps keep me entrenched in market trends. This, in turn, allows me to serve our agents from a first-hand perspective.

What keeps you here?

100% the people. Our agents, our support staff, the entire team. The vibe, our culture, is family-based. We’re big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care.

Do you have a motto that you follow for your business, real estate, or in general?

In general, I believe in doing good by people. Doing what’s right even when it’s not the popular choice is a conscious decision. It’s always served me well in every single aspect of my life. Adversely, and because I’m imperfect, straying from this principal has never ended well for me.

What are your greatest strengths?

Knowing my weaknesses and knowing them well. I always know where I can improve so I try hard not to pretend or overcompensate in those areas. I just own it until I’m better. You get a more genuine me as a result!

How do you like to spend a relaxing day?

I really do enjoy playing golf whenever I can, but if that’s not possible, I like working with my hands. Home projects, and there are always plenty, are like therapy for me.

Ready to grow with us?

Juan embodies the spirited passion and dedication that set PSA apart. With his unique blend of sales expertise and leadership acumen, he consistently elevates our Greenville office, championing a culture that feels like family. If Juan’s journey of transformation and unyielding commitment to doing what’s right resonates with you, we’d love to chat with you about a career with Patterson-Schwartz

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Setting the Gold Standard: Top Agents Make Their Move to Patterson-Schwartz 

In the bustling world of real estate, agents are constantly on the lookout for companies that offer unparalleled support, tech, and culture. It’s why we are proud to share the news that a noteworthy number of experienced agents have made the decision to join Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate. This is not only a testament to our brand, but also an indication of the trust the real estate community has in our values and systems.

The glowing sentiments of some our newest members spotlight the advantages of making PSA their professional home.

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KC DiAmbrosio, team leader of the five-person Team DiAmbrosio, recently made the switch to our Hockessin office. “As I enter my 16th year in real estate… I’m thrilled to be a part of a company that lives and breathes what it means to be local,” he noted, underlining the significance of our culture and advanced tech offerings.

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Gina Henry, a Greenville agent, celebrates our relationship-driven focus: “I love the community culture at Patterson-Schwartz… It’s clear to me that PSA values building and fostering relationships as much as I do.” 

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Anne Peoples from Hockessin was drawn by our sophisticated Intranet system. “What initially drew me to Patterson-Schwartz was their new and robust Intranet system!… PSA truly has an empathetic team’ approach to success…” 

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Carly Simmons feels in harmony with her Greenville office, expressing, “I am so excited to be a part of the PSA family! I look forward to growing my business alongside so many wonderful people.”

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Gina Cockerille, hailing from our Ocean View office, beautifully summarizes the community spirit, “Making the switch to PSA has been the highlight of my career… I love how involved in the community the brokerage is…” 

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Keith Seichepine joined our Greenville office and echoes the sentiment with a nod to the deep connection he shares: “I am proud to make the move to Patterson-Schwartz… This brokerage truly understands what it means to be a part of the community.”

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On the infrastructure and steadfast support, Jenn Palacio from Hockessin reveals, “Joining PSA was the absolute best decision I ever made for my real estate career… Since the first day, it has been such an uplifting and motivating experience for me…” 

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For Sharon White, another esteemed agent from Greenville, it’s all about the unbeatable network and resources at PSA.  “PSA has a great reputation and I have great working relationships with their agents. The network and resources they have in place will be a tremendous asset to all my clients.” 

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Rose Walker of our Ocean View office, a veteran REALTOR® and Delaware resident, cherishes the local touch and warm welcome of PSA. “As a long-time resident of the Delaware resort area… I finally found my real estate family in Patterson-Schwartz!” 

Take Your Career to New Heights

If you’ve been thinking about making a change, consider joining the ranks of the many satisfied agents who’ve already made the leap. Let us elevate your career to the heights you’ve always dreamed of. 

Ready to be part of a leading, local powerhouse in real estate? Contact Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate today and discover the PSA difference. 

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Building Your Real Estate Career Starts Here

Are you a new agent looking to break into the world of real estate? Or maybe you’re an experienced agent looking to take your real estate career to the next level? Look no further than Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate, where our Successful Start program provides incredible support and training tools to help you succeed!

We understand the importance of a strong foundation for all of our agents, which is why our comprehensive in-person training program features informative classes with our experienced office managers, Q&A panels with experienced agents, and hands-on marketing and technology training from our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts.

Don’t just take our word for it — hear from our new agents themselves!

Amanda Sabin, with our Hockessin office, believes the Successful Start program is a great way to get started in the industry. “As a new agent, I didn’t know what to expect or the questions to ask. When I was given the opportunity to learn more through the Successful Start program, I jumped on it, and I’m so glad I did. The class was so informative and a jumpstart into the real estate world. Justin was an awesome instructor along with everyone involved.”

Julianna Lee, who has seen great success in her first eight months at Patterson-Schwartz, credits the training and her instructors for her achievements. “You will get everything you need to become a successful agent through Successful Start. It’s been eight months since I joined Patterson-Schwartz. I have two listings and six buyers under contract. I could not have done this without Successful Start!!! Thanks to Sal, Angela, Justin, and Emma!!! The best teachers and friends, EVER!”

Armando Gomez, of the Brandywine office, emphasizes the depth and breadth of content covered in the program. “When I heard Successful Start would be five weeks of additional education following the 99 hours of my pre-licensing course, my first thought was that it would be duplicate information. However, the Successful Start Program is completely different than the pre-licensing course. It provides the tools you need to put your knowledge in practice and our PSA instructors make it fun and experiential. I can’t think of new agents succeeding without it.”

Matt Harkins, with our Rehoboth Beach office, praises the support and encouragement he received from the PSA team. “As a new agent, I truly believe there aren’t any other brokerages out there that compare to Patterson-Schwartz when it comes to support and training. Since my first day, everyone I’ve come across has been so pleasant and helpful while I inundate them with my seemingly never-ending questions!”

Beth Barry, a member of the Schwartz & Barry Associates team, adds, “Joining Patterson-Schwartz to begin my real estate career has been a perfect fit. The Successful Start program provided pertinent information, data and tools to help me start as well as advance my business. Everyone has been open and available. We continue to be introduced to new tools and opportunities. I am happy to be part of this caring and progressive team.”

What you need to succeed

As you can tell, our agents believe the training and support they receive through our Successful Start program has been essential to establishing their career in real estate. And with opportunities to learn and grow that extend well past this outstanding program for new hires, our agents further benefit from a robust culture of on-going support that continues to move their business forward. If you’re looking for a brokerage with excellent support and training wherever you are in your career, we’d love to chat with you about a career with Patterson-Schwartz!  

Ready to grow with us?

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with our community of local experts.

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What our agents & staff are saying #lovewhereyouwork

You might be curious — and may have even asked one of our agents — about what it’s really like at Patterson-Schwartz. With such remarkable retention of highly tenured agents at PSA, what makes an agent choose us on day one, day 7,300, and every day in between? We recently spoke with three agents and employees based in our Hockessin office. Here is what they had to say.

Why did you choose PSA?

Dan Logan joined PSA Hockessin in 2004 and is the leader of the Dan Logan Group. Voted Best Real Estate Agent in Delaware by News Journal readers every year since 2014, Dan and his team assist clients across DE, PA, and MD. His dog, Isabelle, is his constant companion and honorary team member, accompanying him on settlement & listing appointments

This is a company that redefines integrity. If they say it, it happens.

“My quest to find the right broker took some time. I was new, dressed in a suit, with a resume in hand. The first broker spent a fair amount of time telling me how great they were. The second broker cared nothing about what I might say or offer and tried to get me to sign a paper to join within the first five minutes. Feeling somewhat dejected, I tried the third broker: Patterson-Schwartz. Talk about day and night. I met with Joe Pluscht, the Sales Manager at the time, and he spent over two hours with me. He showed me all the numbers that I later learned he is so famous for, but, more importantly, I felt at home and at ease. Questions were asked of me, something I never experienced before.”  

“Joe is now the CEO and what I have seen is that his leadership style, ease of accessibility, and genuineness has clearly flowed throughout the organization. Joining this family was the best decision I ever made. This is a company that redefines integrity. If they say it, it happens.”

What sets PSA apart as a company? 

Gail Sawdon recently celebrated 15 years with PSA as a property manager and the assistant to the Director of Property Management. In addition to her portfolio of residential properties, Gail has managed properties for the National Park Service, Brandywine Conservancy, Winterthur, and Salesianum School. 

The company’s strong leadership has guided us through market downturns and we came out better and stronger.

“What I appreciate about working for Patterson Schwartz is the strong leadership and support. Even though Patterson Schwartz is a large company the owners are always accessible. If you see them in the hallway they always stop and ask about you and your family. The company’s strong leadership has guided us through market downturns and we came out better and stronger.”

What keeps you here? 

MaryBeth Tribbitt hit her milestone 25-year anniversary this year. She is the team leader for The Tribbitt Group and has handled virtually every type of home from small condos to large estates. MaryBeth is based in New Castle County, but grew up in Lewes and has extensive knowledge of the coastal areas of southern Delaware. 

The Patterson-Schwartz leadership never waivers in its support of its agents -whether it’s dealing with a difficult transaction, making career choices, or sharing personal situations, they are there for us!

“I am often asked why I – and many other agents and staff – have stayed with the Patterson-Schwartz organization for so long. Simply put, Patterson-Schwartz exceeds expectations on all levels. First of all, Patterson-Schwartz provides its agents with the finest tools and resources that enable them to grow their practices and hone their skills. The knowledgeable technical staff, the innovative marketing department, and the administrative and support personnel all work together to ensure agents are receiving on-going guidance and tutelage. The Patterson-Schwartz leadership never waivers in its support of its agents -whether it’s dealing with a difficult transaction, making career choices, or sharing personal situations, they are there for us! They acknowledge that we are all in this together and that our combined efforts make for a strong company with a well-respected presence in the industry and in the community. I cherish the many personal and business relationships I have formed at Patterson-Schwartz over the past 25 years, and I am looking forward to many more productive years with this preeminent company. Thank you, Patterson-Schwartz… it has been my pleasure to be associated with you!”

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent real estate brokerage and offers a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961, and invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

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