Home buyers Are Going on a Shopping Spree This Winter

Experts anticipate the real estate market will see a flurry of activity this winter, and that’s great news for today’s sellers. If you’re planning on listing your home, there’s no need to wait until the spring for better conditions – today’s real estate market is already heating up.

Buyers Have Warmed Up to the Idea of Purchasing This Winter

The past 18 months brought about significant lifestyle changes for many of us, including the rise in remote work, job changes, and even early retirement for some. For many people, it’s prompting a search for their next home now rather than waiting for warmer months.

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), points out how this winter may see a significant number of sales:

“Compared to other past winter seasons, this winter season’s sales activity will be stronger. . . . This winter, there will be more sales compared to pre-pandemic winters going back all the way to 2006.”

You might be wondering: what does strong sales activity mean for you? It means there are likely to be more buyers active in the market this winter – far more than more normal, pre-pandemic years.

In the same article, Danielle Hale, Chief Economist for realtor.com, puts it in these simple terms:

Sellers can expect to see plenty of buyers.”

The more buyers there are in the market, the more likely it is your home will get noticed. That can lead to a multiple-offer scenario or a potential bidding war. Receiving multiple offers on your home means you can select the right offer and terms for your situation – so you can truly win as a seller when you list your house this winter.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you don’t need to wait until the spring. Buyers are ready now. Connect with one of our local experts to discuss why selling this holiday season could be the gift that keeps on giving. Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961.

Source: Keeping Current Matters, December 2021. The information contained, and the opinions expressed, in this article are not intended to be construed as investment advice.

PSA Foundation Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity NCC

Q&A with Dave Iliff, Habitat volunteer coordinator for PSA since 2007

In late September 2021, a group of Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate sales associates took a break from selling homes to help build them. It wasn’t the first time members of the Patterson-Schwartz family put on their hard hats and tool belts for Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County, but it was a notable one. This most recent volunteer effort marked the first on-site Build Day since the pandemic restrictions set in early 2020 were lifted.  

No one could be more proud to be back building homes than Dave Iliff. This Patterson-Schwartz Hockessin sales associate has been coordinating our local volunteer efforts for Habitat for Humanity since 2007.

Hey Dave, how did Patterson-Schwartz get involved with Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County?

I remember PSA got involved in a one-time Habitat for Humanity Build Day, and I think a year or so may have passed, but I still vividly recalled the joy I felt volunteering that day. I thought it would be a great thing for us to become more involved on a regular basis.

I have organized about 20 volunteer efforts over the years. And, even though we don’t do it for the recognition, I was proud to accept the Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Partnership through Volunteerism on behalf of Patterson-Schwartz in 2019.

Who benefits from the services that Habitat provides?

Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County builds affordable, well-constructed homes and provides interest-free loans. The homeowners-to-be, who are often trying to overcome hardships, are provided with financial education and required to work on the sites and help with the fundraising events. There is a great sense of achievement in the work they must do to qualify, and lives truly change with the help of Habitat.

I remember attending the groundbreaking and dedication ceremony of a site at Walnut Ridge in 2015. It was raining, and a young single mom who was to be one of the new homeowners gave an emotional speech at the podium. She spoke about where she had been in her life and how grateful she was to have her own home and a fresh start for her family. I will never forget that day and how she spoke from the heart. I think everyone present had tears in their eyes. I was grateful to be there for it.

What is the job of a Habitat volunteer?

As a volunteer on Build Days, you don’t necessarily need to have any skills in building. There is always something for everyone to do, and Habitat for Humanity provides all of the tools necessary for each build phase. You can even learn some new skills while on the job!

It’s not all about building. We have also volunteered with a Habitat for Humanity program known as “A Brush with Kindness,” which helps communities restore their homes and common areas. The jobs associated include anything from painting and landscaping to repairing screen doors, weather sealing homes, and more.

Why is it good to volunteer on Build Days?

In addition to helping the local community and contributing to a worthy cause, volunteering is fun! You really get to know your colleagues and fellow build mates. This last group consisted of a lot of newer PSA faces from across the company as well as some repeat volunteers. The work really appeals to everyone, and we had a great day making memories.

I have seen real passion and dedication in the people who fulfill the Habitat mission, and they are a great organization with which to partner. Whatever the job, our volunteers come away from the experience feeling inspired and proud of the work they’ve accomplished.

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

Patterson-Schwartz launches Adwerx Motion ads

It is no secret that today’s consumers often begin their search for a home online. And now more than ever, a robust and effective online strategy is vital for connecting with home buyers. At Patterson-Schwartz, we employ a vast array of online marketing efforts to increase our listings’ exposure, and we’re excited to announce a new animated format from our digital ad partner, Adwerx Enterprise.

Enhancing the digital experience

In 2018 Patterson-Schwartz began a partnership with Adwerx Enterprise, an industry leader in digital advertising automation. With the Adwerx platform, digital ads for new Patterson-Schwartz listings launch when a property is publicly listed during the all-important first week that a home hits the market and receives the most attention. Combined with sophisticated retargeting technology, these ads follow local home buyers around the web and appear on popular websites such as ESPN and the New York Times and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

“Patterson-Schwartz focuses on using superior tools to market their listings, and we have helped them engage online buyers and cost-effectively advertise on websites alongside big brands,” says Nathan Kainz, Enterprise Account Management, Team Lead at Adwerx. “But we know the real estate industry is competitive and are always looking to enhance the ability to grab the attention of consumers.”

An innovative partnership

Developed to stand out in the digital environment, Adwerx Motion combines the effectiveness of targeting listing ads with the power of motion to create content that reaches more prospective buyers and increases the visibility of each listing. This new feature allows display advertising to be animated using HTML5 technology – an ad type proven to drive higher engagement and improved click-through rates.

“When we were approached by our account representative to be one of the first brokers to launch Adwerx Motion ads, we didn’t hesitate to jump on board.

“The ability to upgrade our automated listing campaigns to an animated design creates another opportunity for our agents to impress their sellers and win the listing presentation. Adwerx consistently enables us to provide value to our agents and their clients by helping their listings stand out in a highly competitive environment.”

Justin Kierstead, Marketing Director of Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate

About Us

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with ten offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961.

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In the Classroom with Juli Giles: PSA Careers Q&A

In the spirit of back-to-school season, we recently talked about learning opportunities and growing your real estate business with our Director of Recruiting & Career Development, Juli Giles. She’s here with the scoop on our new Successful Start training program and insight on getting (and staying!) ahead in the industry.

What is your favorite thing about the new Successful Start program at PSA?

There is so much to love about our new Successful Start program, 100 Days to Greatness, and we are absolutely thrilled to be one of the few companies in our region certified to teach this business-changing program from Brian Buffini!

Brian Buffini’s philosophy is similar to our company philosophy in that phenomenal customer service and exceeding clients’ expectations leads to referral business. The 100 Days to Greatness program is a step-by-step activity program that focuses on building that referral business.

In addition to the activities, this program also includes the tools needed to do the activities. Now that it has launched, it’s been so exciting to watch the enthusiasm of our new agents as they work through the activities and see the results of their hard work! Right now, that’s my favorite thing I’m seeing coming out of this program.

What sets our training apart?

In real estate, you should never stop learning and growing. Training at Patterson-Schwartz is in everything that we do. Whether it’s the company-wide offerings, continuing education, sales meetings, roundtables, PSA University videos, or completed transactions… we are always learning and growing.

Brian Buffini says, “Education without activities is just entertainment!” We do not offer training for training’s sake! Whatever the offering, our goal is to have our agents implement something to improve their business and enhance their quality of life.

Best advice for students in pre-licensing classes? In new agent training?

If you are in a pre-licensing course right now, take time to meet/talk to agents who are actively working in real estate. Visit open houses if you don’t know someone. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they would do if they were starting their businesses again.

If you are a new agent, of course, attend our 100 Days to Greatness Training! 😀 Also, go into the office. Make it a point to introduce yourself to other agents. Ask your manager who you should get to know. You never know when a busy agent could use your help with an open house, buyer tour, or a shadowing opportunity.

Ready to grow with us?

Juli Giles has been a REALTOR® since 2004. Throughout her career, Juli has developed an extremely successful marketing plan and action guides for buyers and sellers in all market conditions. She is also deeply rooted in training and education from her days in the banking industry where she tackled many roles during her 15 years in a training and recruiting capacity. Her professional style combined with her integrity and knowledge of the real estate business allows new and seasoned agents to learn first-hand from a “true professional”.

Juli has a passion for life and helping others achieve success through learning. If you’re just as passionate about your real estate career, she’d love to chat! You can reach Juli at 302-234-6099, JuGiles@psre.com, or by clicking the button below.

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4 Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall

Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall | MyKCM

If you’re trying to decide when to sell your house, there may not be a better time to list than right now. The ultimate sellers’ market we’re in today won’t last forever. If you’re thinking of making a move, here are four reasons to put your house up for sale sooner rather than later.

1. Your House Will Likely Sell Quickly

According to the Realtors Confidence Index released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homes continue to sell quickly – on average, they’re selling in just 17 days. As a seller, that’s great news for you.

Average days on market is a strong indicator of buyer demand. And if homes are selling quickly, buyers have to be more decisive and act fast to submit their offer before other buyers swoop in.

2. Buyers Are Willing To Compete for Your House

In addition to selling quickly, homes are receiving multiple offers. That same survey shows sellers are seeing an average of 4.5 offers, and they’re competitive ones. The graph below shows how the average number of offers right now compares to previous years:

Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall | MyKCM

Buyers today know bidding wars are a likely outcome, and they’re coming prepared with their best offer in hand. Receiving several offers on your house means you can select the one that makes the most sense for your situation and financial well-being.

3. When Supply Is Low, Your House Is in the Spotlight

One of the most significant challenges for motivated buyers is the current inventory of homes for sale. Though it’s improving, it remains at near-record lows. The chart below shows how today’s low inventory stacks up against recent years. The lighter the blue is in the chart, the lower the housing supply.

Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall | MyKCM

If you’re looking to take advantage of buyer demand and get the most attention for your house, selling now before more listings come to the market might be your best option.

4. If You’re Thinking of Moving Up, Now May Be the Time

If your current home no longer meets your needs, it may be the perfect time to make a move. Today, homeowners are gaining a significant amount of wealth through growing equity. You can leverage that equity, plus current low mortgage rates, to power your move now. But these near-historic low rates won’t last forever.

Experts forecast interest rates will rise. In their forecast, Freddie Mac says:

“While we forecast rates to increase gradually later in the year, we don’t expect to see a rapid increase. At the end of the year, we forecast 30-year rates will be around 3.4%, rising to 3.8% by the fourth quarter of 2022.”

When rates rise, even modestly, it’ll impact your monthly payment and by extension your purchasing power.

Bottom Line

Don’t delay. The combination of housing supply challenges, low mortgage rates, and extremely motivated buyers gives sellers a unique opportunity this season. If you’re thinking about making a move, reach out to one of our local experts to chat about why it makes sense to list your house now. Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961.

Source: Keeping Current Matters, September 2021.The information contained, and the opinions expressed, in this article are not intended to be construed as investment advice.

PSA Foundation Spotlight: The Mary Campbell Center

As a long-term care facility for disabled adults, The Mary Campbell Center strives to be a place where a resident’s independence is enhanced, family members are always welcome, and comfort and safety are paramount. The Mary Campbell Center is as unique and special to the local area as it is to those who benefit from its homelike environment. And for two members of the Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate family, the facility and its mission are especially close to heart and home.

Filling a need

Since the mid-1980s, Steve Crifasi of Patterson-Schwartz Greenville has been a member of the committee that organizes The Center’s largest annual fundraiser, The Charmie Welch Golf Tournament. For Steve, who is now co-chairman of this fundraising effort, his involvement is a family affair with roots in friendship.

Charmie Welch, the golf tournament’s namesake, was a little girl when she developed a life-altering disability. When her medical needs became too difficult to manage at home, her parents were dismayed to learn the only care options were nursing homes. Their struggle to find the perfect place for their daughter inspired the creation of The Mary Campbell Center.

In addition to Charmie’s parents, seven founders came together to bring The Center to life in north Wilmington in 1976. Bill Davis, a dear friend of the Welch family and Steve Crifasi’s father-in-law, was on the original golf committee in 1981. With his help, The Mary Campbell Center has grown every year due to the tournament’s success.

“My father-in-law inspired my involvement, and the tradition continues with his son, Bill Davis Jr., me, and my son, Steve Jr.,” says Steve.

“The Mary Campbell Center truly is a phenomenal facility that helps many individuals and families, but its needs are constantly evolving. I am proud of all of our fundraising efforts and grateful for the unwavering support we’ve had from sponsors like Patterson-Schwartz. Over the years we have been able to help The Center reach many goals, including the construction of an indoor wheelchair-accessible pool.”

Surrounded by support

Another member of the PSA family personally connected to The Mary Campbell Center is Hockessin sales manager, Sal Sedita. Sal’s daughter, Sarah, has been a resident at The Center for over 15 years.

“Every parent worries about who will take care of their child if they are gone or unable to do so,” says Sal. “This becomes a much more ‘real’ situation when you have a son or daughter who will need full-time care for their entire life.”

When Sarah completed school at age 21, Sal and his wife looked at multiple options where Sarah could live as an adult, but nothing felt right. Sarah had received respite care at The Mary Campbell Center before and the exceptional experience gave the whole family good feelings. Expecting to be on a waitlist of a year or longer, they consider themselves very fortunate that The Center had an opening for Sarah almost immediately.

“I compare The Center to a fraternity or sorority: a big home where she is surrounded by friends and people who care for her, care about her, and love her for her,” says Sal.

“Every day, I am thankful for The Center, and the peace of mind it gives us knowing she is so safe and so happy. To have such a special facility so close to home where we can visit anytime is one of my biggest blessings in a very blessed life.”

Teeing it up to give back

Throughout the years, members of the PSA family have gathered in support of Sal, Steve, and The Mary Campbell Center. The Center has been a frequent beneficiary of the Hockessin office’s annual soup fundraiser and the recipient of all the proceeds raised at the 2018 PSA Guest Bartender event. Corporately, Patterson-Schwartz has donated holiday trees and lunches to the facility and returns year after year as a sponsor of the Charmie Welch Golf Tournament.

On September 13, 2021, the Charmie Welch Golf Tournament will be celebrating its 40th year. Like past years, Steve and Sal will team up in support not only as sponsors and colleagues but also as friends hitting the links for a good cause: they have been playing the tournament together as part of the PSA foursome for as long as either can remember.

The Patterson-Schwartz foursome at the 2015 Charmie Welch Golf Tournament at DuPont Country Club. From Left to Right: Joe Pluscht, Jr., Steve Crifasi, Sal Sedita, and Jason Giles.

To learn more about this year’s tournament (which includes a drone golf ball drop raffle open to the public) and how you can support The Mary Campbell Center mission, please click here.

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

6 Reasons to Celebrate National Homeownership Month

Our homes are so much more than the houses we live in. For many, they’ve also become our workplaces, schools for our children, and safe harbors in which we’ve weathered the toughest moments of a global pandemic. Today, 65.6% of Americans call their homes their own, a rate that has risen to its highest point in 8 years.

June is National Homeowership Month

As National Homeownership Month gets underway this June, homeowners have every reason to celebrate. A survey by Gallup just ranked real estate as the best investment you can make for the eighth year in a row. However, unlike other investment options, the benefits of owning a home aren’t purely financial. Here are the top ways Americans are winning by owning a home.

Non-Financial Benefits:

  1. Civic Participation: Owning a home is owning a part of your neighborhood. Homeowners have a stronger connection to their neighborhoods and are more committed to volunteer work and other ways to get involved.
  2. Pride of Ownership: Owning a home is having a space that is uniquely yours. You can customize it to your personal liking and make it reflect your personality and values.
  3. A Safe Space: Owning a home gives you a sense of security and privacy – two things that have become even more valuable as we’ve tackled the challenges of the recent health crisis.
    Financial Benefits:

Financial Benefits:

  1. Forced Savings: Owning a home builds equity. Your equity grows with each payment you make toward your mortgage. This form of forced savings can be used down the road to help you accomplish your biggest financial goals.
  2. Appreciation: Owning a home is making an investment that steadily gains value, and experts project home values will continue to rise in the years to come.
  3. Stability: Owning a home means having better control over your future housing payments. Over the years, a mortgage stays relatively steady, but rent costs continue to rise.

Bottom Line

If you own your home, take time this June to celebrate the ways homeownership has added value to your life. If you hope to become a homeowner this year, connect with one of our local experts today to take the first steps toward achieving your goal. We’ve been guiding home buyers and sellers since 1961.

Source: Keeping Current Matters, June 2021. The information contained, and the opinions expressed, in this article are not intended to be construed as investment advice.

Patterson-Schwartz Agents & Teams are Among America’s Best

RealTrends, the Trusted Source in residential brokerage, and Tom Ferry International, a top coaching and training company, recently released the 2021 RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list.

Our 2021 Patterson-Schwartz “America’s Best” Honorees

Now in its 9th year, this list consists of the top 1.5% of more than 1.4 million licensed REALTORS® nationwide in closed transaction sides and closed volume. RealTrends America’s Best Sales Professionals grew by nearly 4,000 agents and teams between 2019 to 2020. And over 4,000 additional agents and teams met the baseline criteria of 50 closed sides or $20 million in volume. In total, over 18,000 U.S. real estate sales associates from every state are featured in America’s Best.

Patterson-Schwartz is proud of our individual agents and teams who made Delaware’s list during what has been perhaps the strangest real estate year in history. This recognition is well-deserved for these tireless, resilient, and hard-working members of the PSA family.

America’s Best – Delaware Rankings 2021

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PSA Foundation Spotlight: Lasagna Love of Delaware

Home-cooked lasagna is considered by many to be the ultimate comfort food with its melted cheese, satisfying dose of pasta, and its ability to bring people together around a table.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Rhiannon Menn of San Diego, California, was looking to help families in her community who were struggling. She started by baking and delivering seven trays of lasagna around her neighborhood. One year later, her Lasagna Love concept is now a national movement, with over 20,000 people cooking and delivering meals in their communities.

The PSA Foundation is proud to spotlight the local chapter of Lasagna Love and its efforts to strengthen our community one tray of homemade goodness at a time.

Cooking up kindness locally

Andrea Carbaugh of the Patterson-Schwartz Newark Office is a local volunteer for Lasagna Love. She recently shared with the PSA Foundation her experience with this grassroots organization gaining ground in Delaware.

“As the saying goes, we are all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat,” says Andrea. “When I was a teacher, I saw the effects of food insecurity on young children on a daily basis. And, as a busy real estate agent working long days, I know the struggle to get dinner on the table some nights! I love to cook, so last summer, when a random Facebook ad for Lasagna Love appeared on my feed, I jumped at the opportunity.”

She has been volunteering to make lasagnas for deserving recipients ever since.

Andrea Carbaugh of the Patterson-Schwartz Newark Office became a Lasagna Love chef in summer 2020

From one neighbor to another, with love

A Lasagna Love chef’s mission is to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families and individuals, and to provide a simple act of care during times of uncertainty and stress. To Andrea, being “matched” to cook for a family in her area seemed a simple way to show kindness, especially when she felt the daily news was full of nothing but negativity.

“The recipients have all seemed genuinely touched – their gratitude coming through in thankful texts. One family was in my own neighborhood – an eye-opening and humbling experience, to say the least. You absolutely never know who may be struggling.”

Delivery through Lasagna Love is contactless, keeping everyone safe and, in some cases, preserving the dignity of the recipient. Families may apply every 30 days, with volunteers who match frequency and distance parameters.

Andrea says she keeps herself prepared and organized by setting up an assembly line and making three lasagnas at a time.

“I make one for the recipient, one for the freezer in case I get a match when I have five buyers tours, and one for our dinner that night. There is support at all levels – even ‘Chef’ Facebook pages where everyone shares tips, recipes, and even sources for ingredients on sale!”

Lasagna Love in Delaware

In Delaware, there are over 120 Lasagna Chefs who await their meal assignments every week. On average, there are close to 65 weekly meal deliveries, with that number growing all of the time.

Their services have reached everyone from struggling or grieving families and those recovering from illness to over-worked frontline workers and sleep-deprived new parents. Most recently, the Delaware chapter provided 20 lasagnas to the nurses and staff who run unit 4A of BayHealth Hospital in Dover, a unit that is solely working with Covid patients. 

Do you love to cook or know someone who would benefit from a homemade meal delivery? Click here to learn more about Lasagna Love and the many ways you can get involved. Monetary donations like the one from the PSA Foundation go towards the mission’s operations or volunteer chefs to reimburse them for their groceries.

Together we can light the way to a better tomorrow

The PSA Foundation was created in 2001 and supports numerous local charities and organizations whose causes are close to the hearts of the Patterson-Schwartz family of sales associates, employees, and friends. We invite you to learn more about how Patterson-Schwartz is giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.

Smarter Open Houses with Spacio & Patterson-Schwartz

Patterson-Schwartz is pleased to announce paperless open house registration through the Spacio app! This new, digital process provides a smarter experience for open house visitors and Patterson-Schwartz agents. Registrant information is gathered instantly and more accurately than the manual sign-in process, while automated follow-up ensures the interest in the open house never loses its momentum.

“Spacio enables agents to efficiently and seamlessly connect with potential buyers long after the doors to the open house close. Digitally collecting visitor data also eliminates paperwork and the use of QR code technology provides a touchless aspect. The experience is better, greener, and safer for all involved.”

Justin Kierstead, Director of Marketing at Patterson-Schwartz

Maximizing the open house opportunity

While the pandemic put restrictions on traditional open house activity in 2020, the local real estate market is experiencing a return to interest in in-person tours of homes in 2021. According to the National Association of REALTORS, open houses continue to be a frequently used source in the home search process among buyers.

The partnership with Spacio allows Patterson-Schwartz agents to make the most of the open house opportunity. The app is easily accessible via web and mobile devices and integrates with many agents’ lead capture and follow-up tools.

The app’s top features also make it a great piece of technology for today’s fast-paced and safety-minded market.

Each open house event generates its unique URL or QR code, which, when shared with visitors, allows for touchless sign-in on individual devices. These URLs and QR codes can also be shared in advance and save time through pre-registration. And as soon as the open house closes, registrants receive automated follow-up information and can connect with the agent at the click of a button.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this app to our agents,” says Patterson-Schwartz Senior Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Strategist, and Greenville Sales Manager, Donna Greenspan. “Open houses have long been a mainstay to real estate sales, and we love introducing new technology into the experience without sacrificing the personal touch.”

About Us

Celebrating 60 years of service, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate is Delaware’s largest independent REALTOR® with nine offices and over 450 full-time Sales Associates. We offer a full range of services that include residential home sales, purchase and rental, relocation services, and property management. We invite you to connect with us when you’re ready to partner with a local real estate expert.